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Cycling Credit


Thanks for creating this great site, I've looked at other CrossFit related sites and have found none better! The one area that I find lacking is the tracking of cycling data. With the Crossfit Games incorporating bicycling in the events the last few years I'm sure there is a lot more cycling going on in the CrossFit world.

Along with CrossFit I am an avid cyclist. I would really like to be able to log my rides in btwb and have them count towards my Fitness Level. Being able to enter time, distance, and average power would be great, and it would be really awesome if btwb could just sync with the Garmin app the way Strava does, and the rides would just show up on btwb.


Rich Reyes

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I was thinking the same thing with running. Garmin syncs with so many third party apps. It would be great if btwb could make it happen.

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agree with above.  Thx!

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Hey guys 

Thank you for reaching out and showing and showing interest in adding this feature. Right now we do not have anything ready to be built, however this is something we have spoke about at BTWB. I will share this with the team for possible future features.


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I'm all for this in every way.

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Ok, now it's been over 2 years since I first brought this topic up. There is a ton of indoor cycling going on right now. Can we get some credit for these 100's of miles and Thousands of calories being burned burned!



100% agree! I would love if my garmin could sync with btwb so that I can log all my activities here!!

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