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Programming - Copy, Modify

 I would like to be able to en-masse copy blocks of specific programming. Metcons change daily but strength is often programmed in 4 or 12 week blocks. It would be nice to be able to copy these training blocks as a unit (e.g. Copy Track A from Jan 1-Mar31 to Jul 1-Sept31).

Often, too, these are repeated blocks - so week 1 day 1 might be 3x10 back squats @65%, week 2 day 1 would be 3x10 back squats @ 70%. It would be nice to "Plan Again" but be able to modify these workouts.

Another example would be gymnastics skill work, or endurance training - perhaps it's 3x3 TTB, the next week it's 3x4 TTB, etc - or rowing 1km, 2km, 3km, intervals of 2:00/1:00, 3:00/1:00 etc. Allowing to copy and edit, in a nutshell

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I see this is a duplicate of

It's unfortunate that there's almost no interaction with the support team here - nothing marked as planned, implemented etc.

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