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Picking Load

Hi, my box does not load their workouts onto BWTB, so I enter the workouts and results manually.  The problem is, I don't see a way to set up my workouts to pick the load when entering my results, and instead I have to enter the load when I'm building the workout.  

For example, say I want to build and log a 5 minute 1-rep snatch EMOM, increasing.  I have to enter 5 different snatch movements with the weight when I'm building the workout.  Why can't I just enter snatch once and set the emom at 5 rounds, then log the increasing weights?

This is possible - When planning the workout if you choose:  Single movement -> snatch -> EMOM.   One of the choices for weight is 'pick load'.

This will leave the weight blank and then when you log your activity allow you to insert the weights for each set.

(20.4 KB)

Also - you could not 'plan' the workout and just 'log' it and then not worry about setting the weights until its actually done.

Tyler, thanks. I'll have a look but when building multi-movement workouts, I couldn't find a pick load option. Will have a closer look.

Ya. Don't think its possible in multi-movement. But, you didn't ask about that :)

You could check the 'weight' section for that movement while planning but leave it blank, then when you log the workout edit it to match.  Not ideal for sure.

FWIW, I do the same thing because I moved and my new gym doesn't use BTWB, but I had so much history and love the analysis that I keep using BTWB.  I very rarely 'plan' the workouts, only just 'log' it.  Do you find an advantage to planning the workout beforehand?

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