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Weightlifting sets varying weights & complexes

I find it nearly impossible to log my weightlifting sessions.  Rarely do I complete complexes all at the same weight, but right now the only option in the weightlifting style is heaviest or percentage based across the board.  It's a real pain to go in and log every separate movement in a "for time" format.  

Suggestion:  Allow weightlifting complex option where you can group multiple movements into one "complex".  Then allow for varying weights in each set, with options of heaviest or percentage based for each set of the complex.  

Right now I have custom made some of my complexes as a single movement but obviously they don't get picked up by FL's and it's really frustrating entering everything.

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I am an admin, and it's a real pain to go in and do it from the admin panel because I have to first create the workout, save it to a stream, subscribe to the stream, and log it.  That is why I requested this feature to begin with, the process to do it takes forever.  Why they can't just add "weightlifting sets" to the app is beyond me.

My thought is that when you request a movement to BTWB, and they approve it, it goes into the pool of available movements to select. If they allowed everybody to create new movements that pool would get very big and you would have multiples of the same movement in the movement pool and it would dilute the ability to score and compare results between athletes.

But the request isn't to create a new movement for every possible complex, which would be very messy, but to be able to create complexes out of existing movements, which would require no new movements (and actually slim down how many movements are in the pool, because you could get rid of all the complexes that people have already entered).

It's hard to understand why this hasn't been a priority when it's such a big part of Crossfit training—I mean, people do far more lifting workouts and complexes than "death by reps" or "AMRAP with bookends" style workouts, yet there's been support for those for a long time.

Why dont BTWB do these updates ?  How hard can it be ?

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