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Import Data from Another App

I’ve been using SugarWOD with my previous gym and now I’m using BTWB at my new gym. I’d like to import all my data from SugarWOD to BTWB. Is there an option to do that either through the app or online?

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Hey Mike,

This is a feature we are hoping to add to CrossFit BTWB in the near future.

Hey, if anyone is using Rise Vision for digital signage (, the WOD & Activity, PR Club, Committed Club, and Leaderboard WODScreens have been an awesome addition!  My members love to talk about the PR's people have gotten and stop and check the Leaderboard before WODs.  All you need to do is click the "Launch Web" button, then copy and paste the URL into the Web Page Widget in a presentation.  If anyone wants more info, just let me know, plus I can get you a media player at cost.  

Thanks BTWB, love this!!!

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