To log a result using a WOD already planned to your calendar, follow these instructions:

1. Select "Today's WOD" from the home screen. 

2. Select the appropriate date from the calendar (it will default to today).  

3. All WODs planned to your calendar for that day (either by you or your gym) will be displayed. Select the one you want to log a score to.

4. Click the Log button to record a result. 

5. Follow the steps to log a score. Click on Save Result to finish. 

a. add notes

b. choose between Rx'd or Modified

c. choose which of your Squads you'd like to share the result with:

d. select from additional add-ons like "met pukie?" and "weight vest"


Workouts appear on your Whiteboard calendar because either you or your Gym/trainer has planned them via the Plan page.

First, click on the workout you wish to log a result for on your Whiteboard calendar.

An overlay window for the workout will appear. Click on the "Log" button.

Next, enter in all of the appropriate information, including your final score, whether you did it Rx'd or modified/scaled, and any notes you want to remember for next time. You can also change the date you performed the workout if it was different than the assigned date. Click the "Log Result" button to finish logging.

You will then see a workout summary, including power output and ranking information. Don't worry if you messed up, you can edit or delete your post from this screen.

Finally, we'll produce a graph of your history with that particular workout. Click on the "History" tab to get there. You'll see a graph of your progress for both Rx'd and modified workouts, and beneath the graph we'll list out each of your associated workout posts in chronological order.