There are 3 Options for signing up and joining your CrossFit Affiliate on BTWB.

Option 1 - Member Codes

First, sign up here

During the sign-up process, enter the name of your gym and select it from the available options that appear. Then enter your gym's unique Member Code. The member code will immediately add your account to that BTWB gym. *Note: If your gym pays for its member, the member code will also allow you to bypass the credit card steps of the sign-up process. Ask your gym for their unique code.

If you don't know your gym's unique Member Code, complete the sign-up process any way. You will be asked to set up a paid subscription, and you will be placed in the Main Site gym, but you won't be charged right away (all new users get a 30-day free trial).  In the mean time, your gym will be sent a Pending Request that they can then approve or reject. If your gym approves your request, your account will be added to their gym. As long as your gym approves your request before your trial ends, you'll never be charged. If something goes wrong and you do get charged, just let us know and we'll take care of you

Option 2 - Gym Invitation

Gyms can also send direct email invites. Ask one of your gym admins to invite you!

Option 3 - Gym Account Creation

Gyms can also manually create new accounts. Ask one of your gym admins to create one for you!

*If you already have an account on BTWB, but you need to switch into your gym, follow these Instructions.