Wirelessly display a CrossFit BTWB screen of your choosing on any TV for as little as $35 (Google Chromecast purchase). Options range from member activity to basic workout displays. WODscreen is included in every CrossFit BTWB plan. 

Screen Options:

How to Use It

  1. If you don't currently have it, download Chrome from an internet-compatable device (phone/computer)
  2. Go to www.wodscreen.com
  3. Select the WODScreen you'd like to display (multiple options to choose from)
  4. If prompted, log into btwb.com
  5. Click the grey Chromecast button

Tip:The page auto-refreshes and will automatically show the next day's WODs if you keep it running.

WODscreen + $35 Chromecast
Although the WODscreen is compatible with any TV setup, we recommend using it with the $35 Google Chromecast. It’s an inexpensive, wireless way to connect to your TV, without having to hook up a computer. There is no need to spend money for a new computer or worry about hiding all the wires. You just plug in the chromecast and control it from any device on your network.

Another benefit of the Chromecast is you can easily display YouTube videos from your phone directly onto the TV. For a trainer, this in itself is reason enough to get one!

Special Note: 

If you are running into issues where your screen doesn't change after launching, or the chromecast button itself doesn't change color after a minute or so, restart your mobile device and try again.