Click your Gym's profile drop down and select Launch Admin Console to add members to your gym.

You'll be able to add as many members to your gym as your subscription permits. You can add members three different ways from your gym drop down menu:

1 - "Invite"

2 - "Member Code"

3 - "Create"/"Member Code"

Remember, only gym owners and admins will see the gym drop-down menu and be able to access the Admin Console.

Once in your Admin console, select "Members" on the left hand side followed by "Manage". From this page you will be able to email a member and invite them to your gym. The "Invite" link simply sends the member code to the user's email. If a user doesn't have a CrossFit btwb account yet they'll need to sign up (link included in the email), and then use the code. If they do have a CrossFit btwb account, they just need to log in and enter your Gym's member code when switching their Gym association (link in email). 

The invite code is your member code. You will be able to check (in case you forgot it!) and edit the code here.

The "Member Code" can be used for current members of CrossFit btwb. They  need to get the code from you, head to their profile drop down, and select "Edit Profile." Once they've done that they should select "change gym association". From here, they will enter your Gym name and the code supplied by you.

To create a member, select the "Members" tab on the left, followed by "Create Member". 

The "Create Member" link will take you to a new member form.  Have the prospective member fill out the form. You'll need to have the prospective member physically there with you as it will ask for an email and password. 

Once you hit the "create" button, the account has been created and placed in your gym.

*Special note: If you are set up for one of our gym fee packages, members will not have to submit credit card information. We highly encourage use of these options as it is the easiest way to go about adding members to your gym.

*Member codes*

Every gym will receive a unique member code. Your members will use this code to associate their accounts with your gym on the site. You are able to change your member code at any time, and the previous code will become invalid. To change your code, just go to your admin console, then to Members and select Manage.  From here you'll be able to update the code. If you have a member you need to remove or you feel like you Member Code has become public knowledge outside of your gym, change the code so they can not access your gym (and a free subscription) without permission from the account owner/admin.