New Plan allows you to program for Gym Tracks and your own personal track. Before you do anything on the Plan page, make sure you have the correct track(s) selected. Track events from selected tracks will appear on the calendar. Use the menu in the left navigation menu to pick your tracks. 

The available options in the menu are based on a user's specific access/roles. The menu may contain the following options...

  • A program - will appear as an option in the list if you are an admin for a program being sold on
  • A gym - will appear as an option in the list if you are an admin for a btwb gym
  • You -  will always appear as an option in the list. This is how btwb users program workouts for themselves.

After selecting one of the options from the menu, users can select from the available track(s) associated with that option. Existing programmed events (Notes, Workouts) for that track will appear on the calendar. 

Once the correct track(s) has been selected, follow the steps to adding new track events to your selected track(s). If needed, you can always change the selected track from the Build Modal during the workout creation process, but also after the workout has already been added to a track (in case you added the workout to the wrong track). 

*Note: if you have multiple tracks selected in the side menu (you can select up to 4), the Build Modal will always default to the first track listed. 

Finally, the Track menu inside of a Build Modal will display ALL of the tracks available to you based on your original calendar menu selection. So, even if you have the max number of tracks selected from the calendar (4), you can still select a different track from the Build Modal if needed. 


While you can program for yourself using the "You" menu option, Gym Admins can't currently program for other individuals with New Plan. You'll need to switch back to Old Plan in order to program workouts for individual gym members. We're hoping to bring this feature to New Plan very soon.