There are two different ways to create and plan a new workout...

  • the "Add" button
  • the event menu from the calendar

Both options will allow you to create new workouts and plan them to a specific track. 

The "Add" Button

When you click on the "Add" button in the top-left corner of the plan page, a menu appears with the possible programmable events. 

  • Workout
  • Note
  • Rest Day
  • Weigh-in

Click on the "Workout" option from the menu to open the Build Modal (jump to the Build Modal details located at the bottom of this article).

Calendar Event Menu

Each of the calendar views allows you to select from a menu that appears when you click on a specific day. 

  • Month - hover over the top section of a specific day and click when the "+" icon appears
  • Week - hover over the top section of a specific day and click 
  • Day - hover over the track name and click

Click on the "Workout" option from the menu to open the Build Modal (jump to the Build Modal details located at the bottom of this article).

The Build Modal

Once you've opened the Build Modal, it's simply a matter of following the step-by-step process laid out for you. 

First, some things about the Build Modal worth mentioning. 

  1. you can always exit the build modal any time via the "X" icon
  2. the Athlete Instructions, Coaches Notes, and Add-Ons tabs are not available until you've actually programmed a workout to the calendar
  3. you can change the track you are programming for via the "Track" menu
    1. this will default to the first track you selected from the calendar
  4. you can update the date via the "Date" option
    1. If using the event menu from a specific day, this will default to that specific day
    2. If using the "Add" button from the calendar, this will default to whatever day you have selected on the mini-calendar. 
  5. you can provide a custom title for the programmed workout. if nothing is provided, we'll use the auto-created btwb workout title. 
  6. the "Session" tab will display all of the programmed events for the selected track on the selected day

Step 1

Choose one of the options to begin creating your workout. 

If choosing the Classic Builder, select from the available templates. 

If your workout has a single movement (i.e. Deadlift 5-5-5, 50 Pull-ups For Time, etc), choose one of the Single Movement options.

If your workout has multiple movements (i.e. couplet, triplet, chipper), choose one of the Multiple Movement options. 

Step 2

Start building your workout by adding movements and attributes. 

Single Movement

  • select your movement
  • select your template
  • add reps, weight, distance, etc

Multiple Movement

  • select a movement
  • add reps, weight, distance, etc to your movement
  • repeat the process for as many movements as your workout has

*Note: when building a multi-movement workout, you can use quick action buttons (Edit, Copy, Delete) to make changes to your workout. You can also click and drag to re-organize movements using the menu icons to the left of each movement. 

Step 3

When ready, click on the Plan Workout button located in the footer of the Build Modal. This will officially save the workout to your calendar. 

Step 4

Once the workout has been saved, a few things become available to you in the Build Modal. 

  1. You can now update the Athlete Instructions, Coaches Notes, and Add-Ons for this planned workout (see How do I add Athlete Instructions/Coaches Notes and videos to a planned track event? for more details)
  2. The Session tab updates with your newly planned workout
  3. You can edit this workout if needed
  4. An action menu containing the following options...
    1. Edit Workout
    2. Create Variant
    3. Plan Again
    4. Delete

Step 5

If more workouts need to be added to the calendar (on the same day or a different day) close the Build Modal ("X" icon in the top-left corner) and repeat the instructions outlined in this article.