After you've saved a workout to your calendar (see How do I create and plan a new workout? and How do I search for workouts to program?) you can add extras like Athlete Instructions, Coaches Notes, and Add-Ons. Each exists as tabs via a workout's Build Modal. 

If you've just gone through the process of creating and adding a new workout to your calendar, then you're already on the Build Modal. You can begin updating the tabs right away. However, if you've navigated back to the calendar, or you want to go and add Athlete Instructions, Coaches Notes, and Add-Ons to a previously programmed workout, you can double click on any workout from the calendar to get back to its build modal. 

Adding A Note

These instructions work for both Athlete Instructions and Coaches Notes. The only difference between the two is...

  • Athlete Instructions - can be viewed in the app by ALL gym members
  • Coaches Note - can ONLY be viewed in the app by members with the "admin" and "coach" roles

Step 1

Fill out the form. Both a title and description are required. Additional Links are optional. 

Step 2

Click the "Save Note" button. 

Step 3 (if needed)

Add a second note. You can add as many notes as you wish. 

Step 4 (if needed)

Re-order the notes the "Notes Attached" section. Use the drag and drop functionality.

Step 5 (if needed)

Click on a previously saved note to load it into the empty form. Use the "Delete Note" button to delete the note from the list. 

Adding A Video/Image

The Add-Ons tab will allow you to add a video or an image. 

*Note: The video field will only take Youtube and Vimeo links. 

Be sure to click the "Save Add-ons" button when finished. 

Important Note

Each of the tabs (Athlete Instructions, Coaches Notes, Add-Ons) are updated independently from the workout. You do NOT need to click on the "Update Workout" button from the "Workout" tab in order to save any notes, videos, or images. 

In fact, you'll know a note, video, or image was successfully saved when a toast notification appears at the bottom of the Build Modal.