When creating and planning a new workout, users can take advantage of the AI Builder (Option 1) during Step 1 of the Build Modal. The goal is to make planning workouts even faster than they already are for gym admins/owners and coaches. 

How Does It Work? 

Add text to the input box. You can do this by...

  • typing in a workout description
  • copy/pasting a workout description found elsewhere
  • using the "Examples Of What I Can Do" workout description templates

*Note: the "Examples Of What I Can Do" workout descriptions are examples of workout descriptions that are currently compatible with the AI. Find the workout description that best matches what you need, click the copy icon, then change anything you want about the description in the input box. 

Once you've added a description, click the "Continue" button. The AI will generate your workout using one of our templates. 

You can make further changes to the generated workout. Because the AI is constantly learning, it might not get everything perfect just yet. Make minor changes to incorrect movements using the quick actions options (i.e. Edit, Copy, Delete, Add, etc). Or, if the workout is completely wrong and needs a full rebuild, click on the "go back and use the classic builder" link. 

If/when everything is to your liking, click the "Plan Workout" button to save/add the workout to your calendar. 

Important Notes

This is a new feature and, while we're super excited about it, it will get better with each use. Please keep in mind the following...

  • generated workouts might be incorrect at first
  • each time the AI Builder is used, the system looks at the initial workout description and the final planned workout description to train itself 
  • it already knows cool shorthand such as...
    • RFT => Rounds For Time
    • HSPU => Handstand Push-up
    • SHSPU => Strict Handstand Push-up
    • Deads => Deadlfits
    • 185/135 => it knows these are typically lbs