Yes. If you know you want to program the same exact track event again (to the same day or to a different day), use the Plan Again option. 

As is the case with creating a variant of an existing workout, the Plan Again action creates a copy of the original track event but does not delete the original track event. IMPORTANT: Unlike creating a variant, however, you will NOT be able to edit the actual workout of the new copy. The things you can change include the Track, the Date, and the Custom Title. 

To create an exact copy of an existing track event, follow the steps below...

Step 1

Find a programmed workout from any of the calendar views (Month, Week, Day), click on the track event, and select the "Plan Again" option from the pop-up menu that appears.

Step 2

Change any of the following items from the Build Modal that appears: 

  • Track - changes the track the event appears on
  • Date - changes the date the track event appears on
  • Custom Title - changes the workout title for your members in the btwb app

For example, if the original track event appears on 1/24/24, and you know you want to repeat this workout again a month later, change the "Date" field to 2/24/24.  

*Note: When using the Plan Again feature, any Athlete Instructions, Coaches Notes and Add-ons from the original track event are also copied over. You can change those once the copy is officially planned to the calendar. See How do I add Athlete Instructions/Coaches Notes and videos to a planned track event? for more details. 

Step 3

When ready, click the "Plan Workout" button.

If successfully planned, you'll see the toast notification appear at the bottom of the build modal. It will read...

"This workout now appears on your programming calendar."

The new copy of the workout should appear on your calendar on the selected date.