btwb makes it easy to find benchmark workout scores, lifts and gymnastics maxes, and top rowing/running intervals.  


The Maxes feature compiles All-Time and Current maxes (bests) for various gymnastics movements, lifts, and running & rowing intervals. The screen provides easy access to performances users will likely want to reference on a semi-regular basis. Click into the side drawer menu from the home screen, then again on the Analyze menu item. Click on "Maxes" from the 6 different available options. 

Each result comes with a score, a level, and a date. The level takes your score and compares it to all other results for that particular effort on btwb. For example, a level 92 means the score is better than 92% of other scores for the same effort.

All-Time vs Current

The All-time tab displays best ever results. The Current tab displays best results in the last 12 months. Your best ever and your best “current” might be different. The idea here is that it may prove more useful to look at current results when gauging how to approach an upcoming workout.

Drop-Down Menu

You can change the modality of the screen via the drop-down menu in the top-right corner. Your options include Gymnastics, Lifts, and Intervals. 

  • Gymnastics: unbroken efforts for movements like Strict Pull-ups, Ring Dips, and Bar Muscle-ups
  • Lifts: 1, 3, 5, and 10 rep maxes for the major power lifts and olympic lifts
  • Intervals: fastest times for common short and long running/rowing distances

Gymnastics Results

Data is auto populated for both the Lifts and Intervals efforts. New Lifts maxes will get pulled in from any lifting workout using 1, 3, 5, and 10 reps. New Interval maxes will get pulled in from interval workouts with any of the common distances. Gymnastics scores work a little differently. Because we want to capture “unbroken” max efforts, each gymnastic score must come from a specific workout. For example, a Bar Muscle-ups result needs to come from the Bar Muscle-ups: Max Set 


Missing Results

If btwb doesn’t have data for a specific effort, we’ll replace the score, level, and date with a big “LOG” link. Click on that link to log a new result. The LOG link will take you to specific workouts for Gymnastics efforts. It will take you to the “Single Movement” log screen for Lifts and Interval efforts.


Gain access to similar results via the Benchmarks section of the btwb website. Click into your personal menu in the top-right corner of the header, then again on "Your Profile". 

From the profile screen click into the various categories listed in the Benchmarks section.  

Each benchmark category can be sorted by 6 Months, 1 Year, and All-time. Everything is updated automatically with each new logged personal record.