There are 3 Options for signing up under your CrossFit Affiliate's page.

Option 1 - Member Codes

First, you'll want to head to our Sign Up page.

When filling out your information, you can enter the name of your gym to associate your account with it. Your gym has a unique "Member Code" that they can provide you which lets you bypass the Subscription process for signing up and lets you get put into their Gym Page immediately. Simply enter this code after specifying your gym.

If you follow these steps but don't have the Member Code from your gym, you will be asked to set up a paid subscription and you will be placed in the Main Site gym but with a Pending Request to join your gym's page which they can Approve or Reject. You will not be charged anything since you start a free 30-Day Trial, and as long as your gym approves your request before your trial ends, you'll never be charged. If something goes wrong and you do get charged, just let us know and we'll take care of you

Option 2 - Gym Invitation

Your gym can also just send you an invite directly to your email to let you create an account under their gym page.

Option 3 - Gym Account Creation

Your gym can also just create the account for you completely. These two options are up to your gym's administrators (usually your gym's trainers or owners) however, so you'll want to discuss this with them if needed.

*If you already have an account on BTWB but need to join your affiliate's page, follow these Instructions.