To view your Gym's Leaderboard, open up your app and from the home page and select "Today's WOD". 

Scroll to find the Leaderboard you want to view, and select "WOD Activity." 

Scroll down to see your Leaderboards.

Women's and Men's prescribed and modified results are on this page.


Assuming your gym has been planning workouts for its members, you will be able to view a Leaderboard for those specific workouts in a couple of different ways.

First, from your Whiteboard page, click on the workout on it's programmed date in the calendar. From the overlay that pops up, click the "view gym results" link. The link will also display how many results are included in the Leaderboard; the number is updated each time a new result is logged.

This Leaderboard defaults to your Gym's results for that workout on that specific day. This can be changed via the filters.