As soon as you open your app, you are brought to your profile page. From here, select "ToDay's WOD". The next page you will see, if your WOD's Calendar page, from here, select the date and your calendar view will scroll down. Select the date you would like to log for, in this case, I am selecting the previous day (February 14th). Your workout will show and you can then select the WOD. You will be able to find your workout description, instructions, workout levels and WOD stats. You can also go to the results page for this workout from here. Select "Log" and enter in your results and also select if you did the workout modified or prescribed. Add any notes if you have anything to mention about how you were feeling, the weights you lifted, or the time you made etc. You can also choose who you want to share your results with, selecting "public" will show with all of your squads you have created and your gym. You can also just select specific squads and only those will see. Did you wear a weighted vest? Did you throw up? Post it, let us know. Finally, Save Result.


Posting a result for a workout that appears on your Whiteboard calendar is easy. Remember that workouts appear on your Whiteboard calendar because either you, or your trainer, has Planned them via the Plan page.

First, click on the workout you wish to log a result for as it appears on your Whiteboard calendar.

An overlay will appear. Click on the "log" button.

Next, enter in all of the appropriate information, including your final score, whether you did it Rx'd or modified/scaled, and any notes you want to remember for next time. You can also change the date you actually performed the workout. Click the "save result" button to finish logging.

We'll then summarize your workout session for you. You'll receive power output and ranking information. Don't worry if you messed up, this is also where you'll be able to edit or delete your post.

Finally, we'll produce a graph of your history with that particular workout. Click on the "history" tab to get there. You'll see a graph of your progress for both Rx'd and modified workouts, and, beneath the graph, we'll list out, in chronological order, each of your associated workout posts.