Pricing is as follows:

For individuals

Individuals have two options when creating an account, a monthly subscription or a yearly subscription. Both of the monthly and yearly subscriptions comes with a free 30-day trial. After that, each month is $7.99 or each year is $87. The yearly subscription is given at a discounted price of $87 for the year ($8.88 cheaper than 12 months under the Monthly option).

For gyms

Upon claiming your official CrossFit affiliate, a gym starts a free one-month trial in which they can add an unlimited amount of members to their gym page. This is perfect for jump-starting a gym's members and getting to take things for a test-drive before committing to any payments.

Gyms pay a flat monthly fee depending on how many members they want to be able to add to their gym on our site. For example, the $80 plan lets a gym add up to 50 members to their Gym Page to utilize BTWB with their own personal accounts. When you want to add anything beyond 50 members, you'll be required to start paying the $150 monthly fee for up to 100 members.

If you don't want to pay for your members using our group pricing, but still want to support all your members and provide them with the service, you don't have to. You can set your subscription to the "members pay" option. This will place the burden of paying for the site on your members. Each individual account would either cost $7.99 per month, or $87 for the year.