You can easily access (and Plan) workouts from free community programs like btwb's Varied Not Random and Follow the steps below to learn how. 

Step 1

Click on the "Find Workouts" tab from the sidebar located on the right side of the page. 

Step 2

Click on the Tracks menu (this will display one of your tracks by default).

Step 3

Select one of the options from the "Community Programming" section of the menu. Available programs include...

  • Rx'd WODs = rx'd workouts that appear daily on
  • Scaled WODs = scaled workouts that appear daily on
  • Varied Not Random (btwb) = workouts from btwb's VNR program
  • Fitness Level Weekly (btwb) =  weekly Fitness Level workouts to help members unlock their Fitness Level score

Step 4

Review the updated list, find a workout (sort/filter as needed), and follow the steps in How Do I Search For Workouts To Program? to add one of the workouts to your calendar.  

Featured Workouts

btwb will also routinely feature special workouts from the community. These are typically workouts that are popular in the community at specific times during the year. For example, CrossFit Open, Qualifier, and Games workouts. You can easily find all featured btwb workouts via the "Featured Workouts" tab located on the right side of the Plan page.