Not only can you re-order workouts within a day, you can also move planned workouts from one day to another day from both the Month calendar view and the Week calendar view. 

Option 1: Drag & Drop

Step 1

Hover over a track event. 

Step 2

Once the background color of the event changes, click and hold. 

Step 3

Drag the workout to the new location. 

*Note: You can Drag & Drop workouts both within a day and across days. 


The only limit with Drag & Drop comes in the Month view. If you have more than 1 track selected, you will NOT be able to use the Drag & Drop feature. When you select more than 1 track while in Month view, a toast notification will appear at the bottom of the screen letting you know Drag & Drop has been disabled. 

Option 2: Edit A Tack Event Date

You can also update the actual date of the programmed track event. 

Step 1

Double click on a programed track event.

Step 2

Change the date in the "Date" field. 

Step 3

Click the "Update Workout" button. 

Your workout will appear on the new date in whatever calendar view you have selected.