The new Plan page is easy to get around once you know where to look. Please see below for a quick guide on how to navigate things. 

Calendar Views

The default view will always be the month view but you can also switch to Week and Day views using the menu in the top-right corner of the page. 

Week and Day views allow for more information to be in view. 



Previous/Future Time Frames

While looking at any of the views, use the arrows to navigate back to previous time frames or forward to future time frames. These arrows will becomes useful if you want to create duplicates of programmed workouts in the past, or you want to get ahead by adding future programming ahead of time. 

The "Today" button will always bring you back to today's date in whatever view you have selected. 

You can also jump backwards or forwards using the mini-calendar in the left navigation menu. Use the mini arrows to navigate the months, then click on one of the mini days to jump to that day or week (Note: if in month view, clicking on one of the mini days will not do anything). 

Selecting A Track

Before you do anything on the Plan page, you'll want to first make sure you have the correct tracks selected. Selected tracks will appear on the calendar. Use the menu in the left navigation menu to pick your tracks. The available options in the menu are based on a user's specific access/roles. The menu may contain the following options...

  • A program - will appear as an option in the list if you are an admin for a program being sold on
  • A gym - will appear as an option in the list if you are an admin for a btwb gym
  • You -  will always appear as an option in the list. This is how btwb users program workouts for themselves.

After selecting one of the options from the menu, users can select from the available track(s) associated with that menu option. Workout from that track will appear on the calendar. 

Planning A Workout

Use the "Add" button or a calendar menu to add new workouts to a track. For a more detailed review of planning workouts, see How do I plan a workout?

The "Add" button is located above the mini-calendar in the left navigation menu. Click on it to reveal the various programmable events, including workouts. 

  • Workout
  • Note
  • Rest Day
  • Weigh-in

You can also hover over the top of a day card on the main calendar. When you see the "+" icon appear, click to reveal the same menu with a list of programmable events. 

*Note: you can get to the same menu in both Week and Day view, but you'll need to click on the top of each column. 

Week View

Day View

Search/Bookmarks/Hit List

If you want to browse the btwb workout list, previously programmed workouts, or your Bookmarks and Hit List workouts, you can do so from the slide-out menu located at the right of the screen. 

Users have 3 options...

  • Find Workouts - browse btwb workouts and previously programmed workouts (sort and filters available)
  • Bookmarks - workouts you might want quick, easy access to in the future (these workout stay here forever unless removed)
  • Hit List - workouts you know you want to program in the future (these workouts disappear from the Hit List once they are programmed)

Tapping on any of the 3 options reveals the full slide-out menu. 

Collapse The Navigation Menu

If you want to hide the left navigation menu for an even bigger view of your programming, you can. Click on the menu button in the top-left corner of the screen. 

The left navigation menu will disappear and your screen will look like this...

In this view, the small "+" icon will now act as your "Add" button.