The Extras section of the Admin Console gives gym admins access to useful tools to help them integrate btwb with the rest of their business and community. 


 Contains complete instructions for utilizing the WODscreen feature in a gym.     

 WODscreen allows gym owners to display workouts, activity, and leaderboards on a 

 tv screen in a gym. Screens come with customizable options. All that's required to 

 get going is a tv monitor and a Google Chromecast device.  More details here


 Grants gym access to instructions for installing the btwb Wordpress plugin. The  

 page also contains the gym's unique Json Config Code, which will be needed to 

 properly utilize the btwb plugin. 

 The btwb Wordpress plugin will allow gyms with Wordpress websites to easily 

 display different btwb components like today's WODs, an activity feed, or a workout 



 For non-Wordpress gyms, the Webwidgets section grants gyms access to custom 

 html and javascript code that can be used on a website to display today's WODs, an 

 activity feed, or a workout leaderboard. The page contains a unique API access key 

 and track IDs that will be needed when implemented the custom code. 

 WOD Concierge

 A service dedicated to helping gym owners and admins save time. Rather than input   

 the programming themselves, gyms can send programming (ANY programming) to 

 btwb to have it planned for them by a btwb team member. 

 The service comes with a 30-day free trial. After the trial it will be an additional 

 monthly cost to the gym. More details here