If a gym doesn't pick one of the gym subscription options (see Purchasing A Gym Subscription) prior to the end of the 30-day free trial, the gym subscription is auto-switched to the Member Pays plan. A Member Pays plan (as opposed to one of the Gym Pays plans) just means each individual member of the gym needs to set up their own paying subscription in order to regain access to btwb. If members suddenly complain about losing access to btwb, odds are a gym owner simply forgot to pick one of the gym plans before the 30-day trial expired. 

How To Fix It? 

No problem! Gyms can switch over to one of the gym plans by logging back into the Admin Console, then by clicking on the "Subscription" link in the header menu. Gyms can then select one of the gym plans from the subscription page to switch to. Successfully subscribing to one of the gym plans should once again give members access to btwb.