Click into the side drawer menu, then again on Analyze. Select the "Modalities" tile from the available options. 

Modalities is a programming analysis feature designed to provide insights on the kinds of workouts being performed. Quickly tell if you are regularly performing benchmark workouts, repeating workouts, if you are biasing specific workout characteristics, and ultimately if your programming is leading to new personal records.

The top portion of the screen displays summary information for the workouts performed in the selected time period.

  • Workouts – total workouts performed 
  • Benchmarks – total benchmark workouts (Girls) performed 
  • Repeated – total workouts repeated 
  • PRs – total personal records set 

Programming Characteristics

Breakdowns are giving for various programming characteristics. The number for each represents the number of workouts with that programming characteristic. For example, the first image below shows a total of 67 GW combo workouts (Gymnastics, Weightlifting) in the last year.


**Note: Programming characteristics parameters for Reps, Duration, and Load have been predetermined and set by btwb. 

  • Modality– the movement modality make-up of your logged workouts
    • M, G, W, MG, MW, GW, MGW
    • M: monostructural
    • G: Gymnastics
    • W: Weightlifting
  • Scheme– the # of movements in your logged workouts 
    • Singlet: 1 movement, Couplet: 2 movements, Triplet: 3 movements, Chipper: 4+ movements
  • Reps– the total # of combined reps in your logged workouts
    • Low: <50 reps , Medium: 50<100 reps, High: >100 reps 
    • For example, Fran is a “Medium” repetition workout (90 total reps)
  • Duration– the workout durations of your logged workouts
    • Sprint: <5 min, Short: 5<10 min, Medium: 10<20 min, Long: >20 min 
    • *Determined by the avg completion for the workout using btwb data 
    • For example, Fran is a “Short” workout with an avg Rx’d completion time of 6-7 min
  • Load– the loading of your logged workouts 
    • Light, Medium, Heavy
    • *Determined by the specific movement(s) in the workout 
    • For example, the breakdown for workouts with a Deadlift movement is as follows:
      • Light: <135 lbs
      • Medium: 135<225 lbs
      • Heavy: >225 lbs
  • Type– the style/score type of your logged workouts 
    • Timed, AMRAP, Tabata, Total Reps

Time Period

You can adjust the selected time period for the Programming Analysis screen via the drop-down menu at the top-right of the screen. Pre-set options include 1 year (default), 6 months, 3 months, and 12 days.


Located at the bottom of the Whiteboard is your personal Movement Modality pie graph. It will display a breakdown of the recent history of the movements you've performed. The three major categories are Gymnastics, Weightlifting, and Monostructural. The graph will only include movements for workouts you've logged a result for. This is a great way for you to see if you've been biasing any one category to the detriment of another.

The graph will default to the past 3 months, but you can change that via the drop-down menu at the top. The % change will indicate the difference between the currently selected time frame and the associated previous time frame.