There are a few different ways for you to interact with other BTWB users. You can comment on their workout posts, give them an emoji on their results, tag a video to your result for others to view, or can chat via the mobile app's Squads feature. In this FAQ, we'll cover both notifications from the Full Site and the Mobile App.


Notifications will appear to you as a number next to the "notifications" link in your personal drop-down menu. Click on that link to view your notifications.

You will be taken to ALL notification.

You will receive notifications from anyone that's commented on your activity, responded to a comment, or given you an emoji.


With the mobile app, you can receive alerts and push notifications depending on your preferred settings. You can access notification settings by clicking into the side drawer menu, then again on Settings, and finally one more time on Notifications. 

You'll have various different notification options available to you. Toggle ON the ones you want notifications for. 

Notifications will get sent to mobile devices as push notifications. 

Notifications will also appear on the Notifications screen inside of the app. Click on the "bell" icon in the footer menu to gain access. A red dot will appear over the bell for unseen notifications. The Notifications screen will display each  notification even if they are toggled OFF from the settings menu.