Logging a meal on the btwb app is easy. First, visit the Macros screen. You can get there by clicking into the side drawer menu, then again on the Macros menu item. 

From the Macros home screen, click on the "Log Food" button. 

Use the search bar to find existing foods. The search results will be displayed in two different tabs: Common and Branded. The Common foods list will display generic options, while the Branded will display popular name brands. Select a food from one of the lists. 

*Note: You may also use the Frequent, My Foods, and Meals tabs to search through previously logged meals and foods

If you have the food item right in front of you, you can also use the barcode scanner, which will bring up your food item and all its nutritional facts.

If the food item is not searchable via the search box or the bar code, you can enter in your meal or the food item via the "Create a Food" button. You will need to know the nutritional facts for the meal, after which you will be able to easily log this meal again.

Once you've selected a food or meal via the above options, it's time to set the portion eaten, as well as choose a meal to add it to, attach notes, and even add a photo. You can do all of that via the screenshot below.  Click "Save" when finished. 

This will take you back to the main Macros screen with each of the macronutrient progress bars updated based on the newly logged food item. Continue to log more food items using the same process, to the same meal, in order to build a complete meal. 

You can also log a new food/meal via the "+" button in the menu footer. Click there to reveal the different logging options available to you. Select "Meal" from the list, then repeat the steps listed above.