When logging a result for a percentage based workout, you MUST have a recently logged weigh-in to get on the Leaderboard.

For all percentage based workouts, you will NOT appear on the Leaderboard unless you have a weigh-in. The reason for that is because we rank people on percentage Leaderboards by power output, and we can't calculate your power output unless you have a weigh-in. 

For these workouts people are not ranked by actual weight lifted, because everybody has different maxes, which means the absolute weight lifted is not the focus, rather it's a relative score to their max lifts and body weight.

For example, my 90% back squat is less than 90% back squat of a bigger and heavier lifter and it (probably) always will be.  I shouldn't be consistently ranked behind them because of this, and the Leaderboard should reflect my progress, even if the absolute number is still lower.  So instead of ranking people based simply on weight lifted, we measure power output.