There may be a few reasons why you are receiving an error message or are unable to log into the app. Don't panic! All your info, data, and logged results have been saved to your profile. Some likely reasons you may not be able to log in are:

  • You cancelled your subscription
  • Your Coaching Program subscription ended
  • Your gym association changed to a new gym which requires an individual subscription
  • Your gym switched from a Gym Pays subscription to a Member Pays subscription
  • Your gym's free trial ended
  • Your free trial ended

If any of your subscriptions have expired/ended, you'll need to go to the, log into your account, and purchase a new subscription when prompted.

If you were previously a member of a gym and you have been removed for some reason, you'll need to reach out to your coach for the member code. Once you have received the member code, go to, log in using your current login info, and select "Switch gyms" from your personal drop-down menu. You will then be able to enter your gym name and member code. This will once again give you access to btwb.