You can log a Weigh-In via the app and/or the website. Logging a Weigh-In will mean you will receive a power output result when logging for a lift workout based on percentages. When a percentage is assigned the workout level is determined by Weigh-Ins and power output. You will not appear on the Leaderboard for a percentage based workout, unless you have a Weigh-In.


From the app view, you need to select the Weigh-In tab. You will be able to scroll through three different views, Overview, Weigh-Ins and Prepare.

To log from the app, select the "Log" icon on the right hand corner, enter your weight and measurements and a progress photo.

Your overview will show your Weigh-In from when you first started, your current, and your target weight. You will see a graph of your Weigh-In journey. You will see your body fat percentage and lean body mass for those Weigh-Ins also.

Slide across and you will find your Weigh-Ins view. This will simply show you a list of all your logged Weigh-Ins. If you logged Weigh-Ins with photos attached, they will also show here.

The Third page is the Prepare page. This is where you will find a table of the average BMI's of the top CrossFit btwb users. 

You will notice a settings logo on the top right hand corner of the Weigh-In screen. This will allow you to enter you your target weight along with your target body fat percentage. Your target will show up on the overview page and every time you log a Weigh-In you can see how close to your goal you are.


You can log your Weigh-In from the website by going to "Log" followed by "Weigh-in".

From here, you'll be able to log Your weight & body fat measurements. 

We encourage you to "set measurements" for even better results. You will get more accurate results for your work and average power numbers for your posts.

To view your posts on the website, go to our Calendar view and select "Weigh-in" under "Posts". You will see a summary of your Weigh-Ins and you'll also be able to log a new Weigh-In, set work measurements and export all your logged posts.