You can log a Weigh-In via the app and/or the website. *Note: Logging a Weigh-In means you will receive a power output result when logging for a lift workout based on percentages. When a percentage is assigned the workout level is determined by Weigh-Ins and power output. You will not appear on the Leaderboard for a percentage based workout, unless you have a Weigh-In.


To log a weigh-in from the app, start by clicking on the big "+" icon in the footer menu of the home screen. Click on the "Weigh-In" tile from the Log screen that appears. 

Use the New Weigh-In screen to record a weigh-in. Set the Time and Date, then pick your units and enter a height and weight (if you've logged a weigh-in before, the height should be filled in automatically). 

You are then prompted with the option to add body fat measurements. If you choose to enter measurements for each of the options, btwb will auto-calculate lean mass, body fat %, and BMI for you. Alternatively, you may choose to switch over to "Enter Body Fat Percentage " to enter your own body fat % number (for example, if you calculated your body fat elsewhere). 

Note: measurement options for men and women are different, and reflect the set gender of the btwb account

Finally, you can also choose to add an image and notes to the weigh-in. 

Newly recorded weigh-ins will auto-updated the "Current" row of your Target Progress table. You can access the Target Progress table via the Body Composition tab on the home screen. 

A complete history of logged weigh-ins can be found in the Weigh-ins section of the Analyze screen. Click into the side drawer menu from the home screen, then on Analyze, then again on the "Weigh-ins" tile. 

The Weigh-ins screen, in addition to also showing your current (most recent) weigh-in, also summarizes as user's entire weigh-ins history. Users can access specific weigh-ins by clicking on them in the Weigh-Ins History table, which will grant them access to attached images, as well as give them the ability to edit or delete the weigh-in. 


You can log your Weigh-In from the website by going to "Log" followed by "Weigh-in".

From here, you'll be able to log Your weight & body fat measurements. 

We encourage you to "set measurements" for even better results. You will get more accurate results for your work and average power numbers for your posts.

To view your posts on the website, go to our Calendar view and select "Weigh-in" under "Posts". You will see a summary of your Weigh-Ins and you'll also be able to log a new Weigh-In, set work measurements and export all your logged posts.