Our Coaching Program feature allows individual users to receive programming from the community’s most experienced and well known coaches, athletes, and gyms. Their expertise, combined with our analysis & logging features, will help take users’ training to the next level.

The various programs can be found at btwb.com/coaching, or by clicking on the “Coaching” link located in the header of the site.


For any user, subscribing to a coaching program will create a new program track. Workouts will be automatically planned to that track on a user’s Whiteboard calendar on a daily, or weekly, basis (depends on the program). The user will perform the WOD, then click on the specific workout from their Whiteboard calendar to log a result for it. It’s that simple.

A user does not have to belong to a specific Gym in order to subscribe to a Coaching Program. Users can remain in their current Gyms. Coaching Program workouts will be auto-planned to their Whiteboard calendars in addition to any workouts already planned for them by their gyms.

Not only will users get to harness the analytical power of btwb while progressing through a program, they will also have access to program-specific leaderboards for each workout. The leaderboards will allow users the ability to compare themselves to others also participating in the program. In many cases, depending on the program, this means being on the same leaderboard as top-notch Games athletes.