Our newest sort options allow you to search for workouts based on difficulty level. You'll find them next to the other sort options on the Plan page or the Workouts page. You can sort from "easy to hard" and "hard to easy". Both will sort workouts based on the percentage of individuals unable to perform them as prescribed. The theory is that the harder the workout, the less people who will be able to perform it Rx'd.

A lower difficulty level means that there aren't that many people unable to perform the workout Rx'd. For example, Fran has a difficulty level of 37. That means that only 37% of the posts are not Rx'd. This seems weird for a workout that strikes so much fear in us like Fran does, but the weight of the thrusters and the pull-ups don't seem to be the hard part. Instead, it's the ridiculously fast times that have become the standard over the years that scare people away.

In contrast, the Hero WOD "Luce" has a difficulty level of 83. The muscle-ups simply make it impossible to do RX'ed for many people (83% of people to be exact).