When logging a result to a workout that already exists on btwb, you'll be prompted with the following question: 

How did you perform this workout? 

Your answer to this question is important for two reasons. 

First, it actually determines whether or not your score will be marked as Rx'd or Modified. For example, if you select "Exactly As Written", the result will be marked as Rx'd. If you select "Changed Weights/Movements/Etc.", the result will be marked as Modified. The designations will remain wether or not actual changes are made to the workout and it's movements on a future screen. 

Second, this question is important because your selection is vital to maintaining the integrity and accuracy of our Leaderboards and rankings. Each workout comes with two leaderboards: Rx'd and Modified. It's important both display the proper information as much as possible. 

  • Prescribed (Rx'd): You did a workout prescribed if you didn't deviate at all from the description of the workout.
  • Modified: You did a workout modified if you deviated at all from the original description of the workout. That includes any variation in movements, weights, reps, or any combination of the three.