Journal Entries are used for posts that are not WODs. For example, you can write a journal entry about how you are changing up your diet or discuss a random athletic activity you've taken part in. They can provide valuable additional information on how CrossFit has affected your life, rather than relying solely on your workout results.


You can log a Journal entry by clicking into the "+" icon from the footer menu on the home screen. From there, click on the "Journal" tile. Fill out the information on the "New Journal Entry" screen and click the save button. 

Journal entries are saved to a screen accessible via your Profile screen. Click into your profile, then again on the "Journal Entries" button. This button is only visible to you (no one else has access). The Journal Entries screen will display all Journal posts made in reverse chronological order. Click the "+" icon next to each to delete or edit. 


In the "Log" link in the navigation menu you'll find an option to create a Journal Entry.

As with any post you make, the journal entry will appear on your Profile calendar for future viewing. The "journals" link in column on the left will store every entry you've ever made.