To view a leaderboard for one of your Gym's WODs, find the workout in the calendar on the home screen. Each workout will have a "+" button next to it. This goes for both workouts you've already logged scores to, and workouts you've yet to log scores to. Click on the "+" button to reveal the different menu items. 

Click on "WOD Results" to view the WOD Leaderboard for that workout. The leaderboard is split into 4 different tabs for easy switching back and forth between the different score types: Prescribed Men, Modified Men, Prescribed Women, Modified Women. 

You can also get to the "WOD Results" leaderboard from a Workout Session screen. Immediately after logging a new result, use the "+" icon on the Workout Session screen to reveal the same "WOD Results" item. 

"WOD Results" leaderboards can NOT be filtered using any other filter options. They are leaderboards specifically for WODs at your gym performed on the programmed day. 


First, from your Whiteboard page, click on the workout on it's programmed date in the calendar. From the overlay that pops up, click the "view gym results" link. The link will also display how many results are included in the Leaderboard; the number is updated each time a new result is logged.

This Leaderboard defaults to your Gym's results for that workout on that specific day. This can be changed via the filters.