You can view leaderboards for any workout on btwb. You just have to find the workout first! Click into the search icon from the Home Screen, then again on the "Workouts" tile. 

From the Workouts screen, click on the "+" next to any of the workouts. The menu that appears contains a "World  Leaderboard" item. Click that to visit the workout's btwb worldwide leaderboard.  If instead you click on the "Details" item to visit the actual Workout Details screen, you can also use the "+" there to gain access to the same worldwide leaderboard. 

The leaderboard will default to your gender and Rx'd. Use the leaderboard filters to add any specifications you want. 

Follow the steps above to view any leaderboard for any workout on the btwb app. 


If you're looking to see rankings for any workout on our site, you can visit the "Explore" tab on the header and select "Workouts" from the drop down menu. Once there, find and click on the name of a workout.

From the specific workout page you'll be able to view a number of things. First, you'll get to see your previous results at the top of the page. Then we'll display a histogram of the distribution of the data along with a percentile breakdown.

Finally, at the bottom, you'll get to see the top 20 men and the top 20 women. You can change the filters, but the data will default to the best all-time, Rx'd results. Add more results by clicking the "load next 20 results" in the footer.

You can also get to your Gym's Leaderboard from an individual workout session page. Find an old result, either via the Whiteboard calendar or your Profile page, and click on it. This will take you to the workout session page which will display your Gym rank. Click on the Gym rank to go to the all-time Leaderboard for your Gym for that workout.