You can export your workout results to a CSV file by heading to your Calendar view, which is accessed by selecting your profile picture. Select "Workout Posts on the left side of the screen, then look for the Export link on the right side of the grey bar at the top of the page.

These are the fields that present for each of your workout results:

  • Date - the date you performed the result
  • Workout - the workout name
  • Result - your result
  • Prescribed - true if you marked it as prescribed, false otherwise
  • Pukie - true if you marked it as a pukie, false otherwise
  • Work Performed - the amount of work you performed
  • Notes - your result notes
  • Description - a description of your result

Result Field

The value of the result field will be different depended on what the workout is scored by:

  • Total Time - the total time in milliseconds (divide by 1000 to get to seconds)
  • Total Rounds - the total number of rounds including the partial round
  • Total Weight - the total weight in kilograms
  • Total Reps - the total reps
  • Total Distance - the total distance in meters
  • Loads - the total weight in kilograms
  • Round Times - the total time in milliseconds
  • Rounds Reps - the total reps
  • Exercise Reps - the total reps
  • Not Scored - ?


The value of the description field is built from the result details that you entered when you posted the result. This is where any scaling or subbing information will be held for your result.