Admins may post for any member of their gym. Start by logging a result for a workout the same way you would for yourself (see Logging a result: Using the Whiteboard Calendar (WEB & APP) and Logging a Result: Not Using the Whiteboard Calendar (WEB & APP).

You can change the name of the person you're logging for by clicking on your name before posting log.

Type in the name of the person you wish to post for, and select it from the list that appears.

Finish by logging their result.

*Note: If you are using a workout that's been planned to your whiteboard calendar, and you've already logged a personal result for that workout, the process is slightly different. First, click on the item in your calendar (even if you've logged a score already).

From the overlay that appears, click on the name of the workout. Not your result.

Finally, from the workout page, click the "log" button. You can then use the steps located at the top of this page to complete the logging.

Repeat this same process for logging results for multiple users.

Although it is possible to post for your clients, we recommend not doing it. Our goal is to build a service that will grow your gym. Each new member adds extra work, and after you pass the 50 members mark it will become very time consuming for a single owner/trainer to do. More importantly, you should see BTWB as service you are offering to your clientele. They can't get this type of service at a globo gym, and we only offer it to official CF affiliates. They can currently post workouts, meals, weigh ins with more coming in the future. You'll be able to follow their posts which will then enable you to offer improvements/additions to their workout regimens, thus helping them to progress. Also, we have social features (fb, twitter) that offer both a positive reinforcement for members (via their social network) and marketing for your affiliate.