From the home page of the app, you can select the "Log" button on the top right hand corner. You will then be taken to the "Log" page wher eyou can choose what what kind of build you are looking for. You can choose from single and multiple movement templates, popular, previous and/or favorite workouts. You can also log your meals, weigh ins, journal entries and any injuries.



If you aren't Planning for yourself, or if you aren't part of a gym that is actively Planning workouts for its members, odds are your Whiteboard calendar is empty. Don't fret! You can log your own results at any time.

Click on the "log" link in the navigation menu and then on "workout" from the drop-down menu that appears.

Next, you'll be given some options to help you along the way. You'll be able to either find and log a result or build a new workout and log a result for it. The buttons are designed to make the process easy.

Find and Log

This option is for workouts you know already exist on the site. Select the button that most appropriately describes what you are looking for. Though each button has a default filter already in place, you can use any of the buttons to find any workout you are looking for.

Build and Log

This option is for creating workouts you believe to be unique to the site. Follow the steps laid out for you. The templates make creating the most popular CrossFit workout types super easy. Keep in mind, building a workout that already exists on the site doesn't create a new version, it simply finds and pulls up the existing workout. In other words, no matter how many times you try to create Fran there will always only be the one.

Logging a result this way will display the workout on your whiteboard calendar in blue (the color of your personal track).

Video: Logging Results For Workouts Not Planned