Fitness Communities is a new service that allows btwb gym subscription owners to earn additional revenue as their members participate in different btwb features. 

How Does It Work? 

It's simple! btwb gym subscription owners will follow the Stripe connection steps to create a Stripe Express account directly connected to btwb. Funds will be deposited into the gym's Stripe Express account as individual members participate in (and pay for) various btwb features. Gym subscription owners will have access to their own Stripe Dashboard to view recent activity and fund transfers. A gym subscription owner's btwb credentials will serve as the login for the Stripe Dashboard.   

What Features Can btwb Gyms Earn Revenue With? 

btwb launched Fitness Communities with The Grace Challenge. For every member that opted to purchase the $30 Earned Shirt, gyms received $5. Gyms have also had opportunities to earn additional revenue via each of the special btwb challenges below. 

In the very near future we plan on announcing the btwb Earned Store. Similar to the challenges above, the Earned Store will allow individual member accounts to purchase unique gear (t-shirts, mugs, hats, etc) year-round for achieving specific scores for popular/benchmark workouts. Each performance will need to have a video for official verification by the btwb judging team.  A portion of each sale will go directly to the gym associated with the member.

Future Plans

It doesn't stop there. Later this year we also plan on allowing gyms to set up their own Earned Shirt challenges, and to sell their own programs. Stay tuned!