Coaches Corner is a monthly survey & report that attempts to answer questions potentially important to the gym owner/coach community. Each month a new survey is sent out to btwb gym owners. We collect the responses, analyze the data and report on our findings. Gym owners and admins can download the latest report at the end of each month, plus previous reports from the Coaches Corner section of the Admin Console. 

Coaches Corner Reports Currently Available

  • Do mandatory introductory/on-ramp/beginner programs affect the long-term success of a gym?
  • Do coaches follow their gym's class programming, do they work out in classes, and is there any expectation to?
  • Do gyms have specific nutrition practices? If so, what are they, and how often are they provided?
  • Do gyms design their own programming, or do they outsource it?
  • Do gyms offer Open Gym classes? If so, how and why?
  • How have gyms been affected by COVID-19 and what short-term/permanent changes have they made to operations?
  • Do gyms offered leveled classes (classes based on experience/ability)?
  • How do gyms build culture?
  • How do gyms approach the various aspects of memberships, including prices, cancellations, and discounts?
  • How do gyms handle purchasing new equipment? 
  • How do gym advertise their services to the public?

New Coaches Corner Surveys & Reports

New surveys are sent out via email to btwb gym owners at the beginning of each month. Gym owners will have several opportunities to complete the survey. They can also access the latest open survey directly from the Admin Console.

About Coaches Corner

Gyms are constantly researching, experimenting, and implementing different approaches to better serve their communities. We want to collect those different approaches and report the findings back to you. Our goal is to be simple yet informative, and to help gyms make data driven decisions.