Every CrossFit affiliate should be on BTWB. This means anybody who is in our main site gym is able to search their affiliate and join their gym on the website/app. Check out How Do I join My Affiliate Gym? for this info. However, only the gym owner can claim their gym.

The First 5 members to join their "Unclaimed gym" on BTWB will become Moderators. This gives you the privileges to add/remove athletes and plan workouts for the gym. To learn more on how to plan workouts go to How Do I Plan A Workout?.

If you are planning for your affiliate you'll probably be pulling the programming from your gym. We can help make the next step even easier with out WOD Concierge service.

This is how it works:

  1. YOU select a day of the week (Mon-Fri)
  2. YOU email us your programming by that day each week
    • Programming will be for Mon-Sun of the following week
    • Example: send us your programming on Thurs for the following Mon-Sun
    • Programming can be emailed via any format (the workout, how it’s scored, and any extra notes you want added must be very clear)
  3. WE enter your programming that same day
  4. WE send you email confirmation of entry
  5. YOU sit back and relax while your members log their scores to your awesome workouts over the next week
  6. Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

All new WOD Concierge subscribers will get 1 free month of the service. The idea is to give you enough time to decide if it’s something you’d like to continue long-term.  After the 30 day trial we’ll continue to offer WOD Concierge for free forever IF:

  • You are on the Member Pays gym plan, and…
  • You have 30+ paying subscribers in your gym

*If interested, please send an email to support@btwb.com.