When you log a result, we keep track of every rep, pound lifted, meter ran- the works. We tally them up throughout the year so you can keep track of how much of every movement you do in training.

Every achievement has 5 different badges to unlock.

There are achievements for individual movements, and multiple movements can contribute to an overall category group.

Possible Achievements Categories:

Air Squats
All unweighted squats
Back Squat
All barbell variations
Back & Hip Extensions
Back, Hip and Back+Hip variations
Bar Muscle-up
Jump, kip and strict

Bench Press

Bench and Floor press variations

Bike for Distance

Total meters pedaled

Bike for Cals

All stationary bikes

Bodyweight Core Hold

Hollow holds, L-sits, and the like

Box Jump

Excludes step-up variations
All types of burpees
CleanAll types of Cleans
Clean & JerkAll types of Clean & Jerk
DeadliftAll types of Deadlifts
DipsRing and Bar variations
Double UnderTwo times around
Dumbbell SnatchAll Dumbbell Snatches
Front SquatIncludes KB, DB, and Barbell
Handstand Push-UpIncludes scaled inversions
Handstand WalkFor distance
JerkAll Jerks
Jump ropeSingles, Doubles, and Triples
Kettlebell SwingAmerican/Russian: One or Two Arm
Knees-to-ElbowsHang and life the knees
LungesWeighted and unweighted
Medicine Ball CleansAny weight
Muscle-UpBar, ring, and jumping
Overhead SquatsBarbell, Dumbbell, and KB
Pegboard AscentsCompleted ascensions
PistolsEven assisted and weighted
Power CleanPower and Muscle Cleans
Power SnatchPower and Muscle Snatches
Pull-UpAll strict, scaled and assisted
Push PressBarbell, Dumbbell, and KB
Push-UpAll strict, scaled, and assisted
Ring Muscle-UpJumping, kipping and strict
Ring RowsOne arm, two arm, weighted, etc.
Rope ClimbsIncludes legless, lay-to-stand, etc.
Row DistanceTotal meters rowed
Row for CalsEvery calorie burned
Run DistanceTotal meters traveled
Shoulder PressAll presses including assisted
Shoulder-to-OverheadEvery implement and movement
Single UnderEven DU attempts
Sit-UpsV-Ups, GHD, weighted, AbMat, etc.
Ski Erg for CalsEvery calorie burned
Ski Erg for DistanceEvery meter pulled
Sled PullsEvery meter dragged, pulled, or pushed
SnatchesAll snatch variations
SquatsAir, weighted, BB, DB, KB, etc
Squat CleanAnytime you full squat a clean
Squat SnatchesAll Squat Snatches
Sumo Deadlift High PullBarbell or Kettlebell
SwimTotal distance traveled
ThrusterBB, DB, KB. One or Two Arms
Tire FlipTire, Big Tire, and Big Ass Tire
Toes-to-BarStrict, Kip, Burpee and Lying
Triple UnderThree times under per jump
Turkish Get-UpBarbell, Kettlebell, and Dumbbell
Wall BallEach rep hit
Weighted CarryAny implement and any style