Logging a meal on the app is easy. You have three ways to log your Macros. 

From the home page, select the Macros tab and hit the log button (+ symbol).

When logging your meal you will be able to log via the Search bar, which will bring a drop down list for you to find the correct food. You can also use the three different filters: Common, Branded, and User.

You can also use the barcode scanner which will bring up your meal and all its nutritional facts. If the food item is not searchable via the search box or the bar code, you can enter in your meal or the food item via the "Create a Food" button. You will need to know the nutritional facts for the meal, after which you will be able to easily log this meal again.

Once you have added or created your food item, click "save". This will bring you back to your food log page. You will be able to see a view the macros you have hit and how many you have left for your day.