Macros is our newest feature addition to the btwb app. It is a nutrition tracking system with a special focus on macronutrient tracking. It contains all of the premium features of other macro tracking platforms (My Fitness Pal, My Macros+, etc.) combined with our best-in-class WOD tracking. You'll be able to search 715,000+ Food Items, with over 550k grocery items, 140k restaurant items, and 25k common foods.

What You Can Do With Macros

  1. Set Macronutrient daily targets and view compliance over time. 
  2. Use the Barcode Scanner and Auto-complete food search to quickly find and track branded and common food items. 
  3. Analyze eating habits over customized date ranges. 
  4. Compare macronutrient intake to training days and weight changes for optimum results.