Training Days is a feature which shows you the consistency in your training. You can can view your Training Days in two different ways, by either selecting the Training Days tab on your profile bar at the top of the screen or by selecting the Training Days box on the home page list.

This Vs Last

This is where you will be able to compare your current week, month and year to your previous week/month/year. For example, last month I trained 10 days out of the month compared to this month, where I am at 2 days trained out of the month but with 22 days left to go.

Current Year

Scroll across to the next tab, and you will find a calendar year view of your training days. 

  • The green check marks show the days you worked out that month.
  • The black circles show the days you rested.
  • The Light grey circles show the days you have left.
  • The Blue Circles show what months you were part of the Committed Club.