Workout Level

If a workout has enough results, each result will be given a Workout Level. A Workout Level is a rating from 1-99 that evaluates your performance on a given workout versus the other results in CrossFit btwb. For example, a 4:22 on Fran (for men) will equate to about a Level 75 (75th percentile). Users will be able to easily track their performance history for a given workout via the Workout Levels for their results. You can view a result’s Workout Level directly from the workout session page in both the Workout Level and Stats sections.

For the four Fitness Level Metcon Categories (Bodyweight, Light, Heavy, Long), a user’s Category Level is calculated using Workout Levels from a list of designated workouts belonging to each of the respective categories. Only prescribed results for those workouts will contribute towards the Category Level (and Fitness Level). You can find a list of workouts belonging to each category by clicking through to the specific Fitness Level category page and scrolling to the bottom.

Not every workout is a Fitness Level workout, but if it is, the achieved Workout Level will also be the level applied to the specific Fitness Level category.

Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, Speed, Endurance

Things work a little differently for the other four Fitness Level categories (Power Lifting, Olympic Lifting, Speed, Endurance). For these categories we do not use a Workout Level from a specific workout. Instead, we look at the actual intervals and sets performed from any workout, and establish a Level from that.

For example, in the Speed category, we compare all 400m runs performed by athletes in any interval workout, not just the Run 400 m TT workout. This is the reason for differences between the “Run 400 m TT” Workout Level and the “400 m Run Level” shown on the Speed category page. When calculating the “400 m Run Level” the runs can come from Run : 4x 400 m, rest 2 mins, or any other interval workout created using a 400m run. We want to compare each athlete’s best runs period, not just the runs logged for a specific workout.

Similarly, when calculating your deadlift Level in the Power Lifting category, we compare your best deadlift set (using Potential Max) to every other best Deadlift set on the site. We don’t just use the Workout Level for “Deadlift: 1 Rep Max“, because we evaluate results from all lifting workouts that include Deadlift sets (e.g. Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3).

Below is an example of a Workout Level being different from the Endurance category level for the exact same result.