Analyze various aspects of training like Programming, Imbalances, Fitness Level, and more. You can find each on the home screen. Simply scroll down and select an item from the list.  


Fitness Level




Our “Analyze” section harnesses our 5 million+ results to give you actionable information about your Lifestyle, Programming, Strengths, and Weaknesses. This section is all about YOU as an athlete!  (Coaches can also view their members' analyze pages). The entire point is to shed light on your performances and abilities to help you make the proper training decisions.

Fitness Level will give you a number between 0-100. It is a relative measure of Fitness, meaning it compares your performance to the rest of the community.

Weaknesses will give you a deeper analysis of the Strength, Mobility, and Technique issues you might be facing. In each weakness area we compare your levels on certain lifts and movements. Large discrepancies in levels indicate possible weaknesses.

Programming will analyze your performed workouts by type, modality, duration, reps, and scheme.


Lifestyle will give you an analyze of your logged lifestyle points.