btwb is a workout tracking tool designed for anyone interested in progress. In pursuit of better capturing the evidence component of "evidence based fitness," we created an easy online tool that captures and records everything from workout results to personal records, nutrition data to body composition, and more.

Both gyms and individuals can take advantage of btwb's many features. Gyms can program workouts for members, analyze programming, and stay on top of individual member progress. Individuals can log results for any workout, get real-time feedback on performance, and analyze personal strengths and weaknesses. btwb is available via web and free mobile apps.

The Home Page (aka the Whiteboard) is your central access hub for all of the important elements of btwb. You can handle everything you want to from this page: your Daily WODs, your gym's recent activity, your lifestyle choices, your weigh-ins, and your personal movement modality break down, all organized in one area for easy navigation.


From the apps home page you will be able to go straight to your:

- Total Workout Sessions

- Milestones

- Search Bar

- Logging

- Notifications

- Profile

- Today's WODs

- Macros

- Squads

- Training Days

- Leaderboards

- Fitness Level

- Imbalances

- Modalities

- Weigh Ins

- Lifestyle

- Max Lifts

- Coaching Programs

At the top of the home page in the Blue box you will be able to:

- View your workouts sessions and your new milestone goal. Once you have reached the current milestone we will set you up with a new goal to reach. Keep hustlin'! ;)

- Select your profile picture, which will take you to your Profile.

- Go straight to your Training days

- See how many months out of the year you have made it to Committed Club


At the top of the home page (sometimes referred to as the Whiteboard) is a two-week calendar.  You can access this page at any time via the orange BTWB logo in the top-left corner of the site, or the "whiteboard" link from your personal drop-down menu in the header.  This calendar will display the WODs your gym has planned for you, any Tracks or coaching programs you follow, WODs you've planned for yourself, and workouts you've logged via the "log"=>"workout" navigation. A WOD will appear in a specific color based on the Track it is associated with.

You can log a result for a WOD displayed on your Whiteboard calendar by following the directions here.

You'll know a WOD result has been logged because the icon next to its name will change. An unlogged WOD will display a bullet point. A logged WOD will display either a lightening bolt (if the result is a PR) or a note pad.

You can view, and log for, previous week's WODs by clicking on the back arrow.