No worries at all. You can still remain in your gym and you will not lose any data. All information and logged result have been saved to your profile. (This remains with you even if you switch gyms.) You will have to start a new subscription. Once your gym stops paying for your membership you will be prompted to purchase a new subscription the next time you log in, $7.99/month or $87/year. 

If your gym has at least 30 active paying members, you'll be able to sign up for our WOD Concierge services FOR FREE

All new WOD Concierge subscribers will get 1 free month of the service. The idea is to give you enough time to decide if it’s something you’d like to continue long-term.

After the 30 day trial we’ll continue to offer WOD Concierge for free forever IF:

  • You are on the Member Pays gym plan, and…
  • You have 30+ paying subscribers in your gym

*If interested, please send an email to

You can find out more about our WOD Concierge at: